April 19, 2017

Living a Faithful Life Spotlight

There are so many amazing women around the world. As Christians, we need to build up our fellow sister. Here is a place that speaks to women around the world doing amazing things being lead by faith. I chose to highlight women who are living a faithful life, let’s all get encouragement for these amazing women and pray for them on their journey to honor God.

Kathina Calip lives in Modesto, CA. Kathina is a light where ever she goes. Not only is she a sister (my sister), friend, mom, and wife; she has listened to Gods call for her life. Kathina is a trailblazer who has set high standards for her career. Kathina has built a top-notch preschool from her home; Hands-on Learning Preschool. In addition, Kathina is working on White Pine Charter Academy, a charter school in a low-income area of her community. Kathina values education and believes that we can all make a difference wherever and whoever we are in life.

If you know anyone who is living a faithful life and letting God lead them, I would love to highlight them on our community page. Email me at