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Hi! I’m Sara (the author). I started this blog to share with other women how God has worked and strengthened my life. As a wife and mother of two boys I have struggled with finding my own identity while giving to my family, our community and myself. I am a Educator who loves spending time with family and friends, finding the peace and beauty in the world and helping others to live their full potential. I like to do many things, usually all at once (that doesn’t always work out so great). Do you often wonder how people do it ALL? After talking to several moms and wife’s it seems we are all in the same boat. We all struggle, feel overwhelmed, over looked and need help figuring out how to make sense of this life. Living a Faithful Life is an interactive site where women will feel connected to their community, learn how to live a more fruitful life and grow with Gods love. Here you will find stories, struggles, encouragement, tips and advice on being a woman lead by faith; while trying to keep it ALL together (take a break and explore the site you deserve it!).


Articles created by Sara

The Road to Recovery

On the road to recovery sometimes you need someone to come along side you and guide you through the peaks and vallyeys of life.

Getting Your Health in Check for God.

Have you ever thought your health could be standing in the way of your best life with God? 4 simple biblical ways of getting your health in check.

February 16, 2020

8 God leading Ways Entrepreneurs Reach Destiny

Hey, entrepreneur is getting to the place God wants you to be like walking aimlessly in the desert? Here’s 8 ways to follow God’s plan to reach your destiny

January 19, 2020

How can Christians put Faith Over Race?

Recently my nine-year-old experienced first-hand racism. Another child told him something hurtful about his race. Unfortunately, some people believe ignorance and hatred have a place…

New Year

Stop Making New Year Resolutions, Do this Instead!

How to stop making New Year resolutions and start following God’s plan for your life. Learn the Godly way to set New Years resolutions

Honoring the Sabbath: Does Going to Church Matter?

Does going to church really matter? Maybe you’ve wrestled with that question too as you lay in a warm comfy bed one Sunday morning.

3 Ways to Spend Time with God this Season

3 practical ways we can spend time with God this busy holiday season. How can you put your focus on Jesus wherever you are this season?

10 Subscription Boxes that Won’t Break the Bank

Are you stuck trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Cratejoy just launched their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales where you can find unique gifts for everyone on your list.

Why You Can’t Live Without Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation is is a form of prayer in which a structured attempt is made to become aware of and reflect upon the revelations of…

Favorite Things: Journal Edition

Journals are used in many different to write about struggles or show gratitude. How will you use one or all three of these journals to transform your life?