About Sara

Sara Chinakwe is a Christian writer and entrepreneur who believes you can live the life He designed you for! Faithful Life Ministries is designed to help you overcome your self-limiting beliefs, grow in your purpose, and empower you to live boldly for Christ.


Articles created by Sara

Juneteenth: The Wait is Finally Over

The wait is finally over. President Biden made Juneteenth a Federal holiday, now we can begin to heal and grow stronger.

You are Free, So Why Can’t You Move Forward?

As Christians, the Bible tells us we are set free! Have you ever wondered, if I am free, how come I can’t move forward?

How to Use Affiliate Marketing as a Christian

How can affiliate marketing help your Christian biz? 5 ways to infuse affiliate marketing in your Christian Biz.

How Do you Hear God’s Voice

One of the most asked questions I get is how do you hear God’s voice? Some of you may wonder…

How to be Consistently Faithful

What does it mean to be consistently faithful in your business and in life? Get started with what it takes to be consistently faithful.

Your Past Doesn’t Define You

Are you letting your past define you? Learn the secrets of letting go of past hurt, regret and shame in order to live in Gods for your life.

How to Stop Being a Perfectionist

How to stop being a perfectionist by following these three Christian concepts. Discover how to follow God in your journey.

The Road to Recovery

On the road to recovery sometimes you need someone to come along side you and guide you through the peaks and vallyeys of life.

Getting Your Health in Check for God.

Have you ever thought your health could be standing in the way of your best life with God? 4 simple biblical ways of getting your health in check.

8 God leading Ways Entrepreneurs Reach Destiny

Hey, entrepreneur is getting to the place God wants you to be like walking aimlessly in the desert? Here’s 8 ways to follow God’s plan to reach your destiny