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January 1, 2018

New to the Faithful Life Community?

I am so blessed you have joined the Lafl community!

First timers this site is all about how to

develop your inner voice that tells us where to go in life

find balance

pursue grace and

find your purpose

You can find more about me here.

Have you been instructed by God to do his work yet?

Have no idea what i’m talking about?

No worries, you are in the right place for develop God’s voice. With practice He will guide you in life.

Here is a layout of the land to get you going…

Our latest blog posts give you actionable ways to develop yourself in Christ.

The faithful community is a highlight of different women in the community talking about their faith inspiring stories.

Facebook and Pinterest is where our community comes togther.

Freebies (who doesn’t love free stuff!)

and purchase items can be found on the shop page

both resources will help you in your walk with God.

The full disclusure page can be found here.

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