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Spend time with God this season

3 Ways to Spend Time with God this Season

3 practical ways we can spend time with God this busy holiday season. How can you put your focus on Jesus wherever you are this season?

November 17, 2019

Why You Can’t Live Without Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation is is a form of prayer in which a structured attempt is made to become aware of and reflect upon the revelations of…

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Favorite Things: Journal Edition

Journals are used in many different to write about struggles or show gratitude. How will you use one or all three of these journals to transform your life?

12 ways to refresh in His Spirit

12 ways to Stay Refreshed in His Spirit this Season

I am on a mission this season to be intentional about how I refresh in His Spirit. Here are 12 ways to stay refreshed in His Spirit this season

God wants to do what with my heart?

Everyday is a new opportunity for you to draw near to God and glorify His kingdom.

God Promises
March 17, 2019

4 Creative ways to enhance your Prayer Journal

Hey Sisters in Christ! I wanted to give you some practical tips on using your prayer journal. Prayer journals come in all different shapes and…

Here are 21 God driven ways on compating the enemy

21 Ways to Fight your Spiritual Battle and Win

What are you battling? Here are 21 of the most productive ways to win your spiritual battle.

How to overcome the roadblocks that keep you from prayer

6 Simple Truths to Overcome Roadblocks in Prayer

 Have you had trouble with spending time with God? ( me too, if you said yes). It seems we all face problems when it comes to…

Where are you rooted?

Where are you Rooted? Cuz’ it really matters to God

As a new Christian or even a seasoned one after handing your life over to God situations will arise where you need to be strong.…